OrthoQuick Now Open Monday-Saturday April 7, 2023 

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2023 Free Student-Athlete Sports Physicals March 28, 2023 

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Now Available: Online Appointment Scheduling March 2, 2023 

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MTBJ Donates 50 Thanksgiving Meals to Local Families November 22, 2022 

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MTBJ Covers Local High School Football Games November 8, 2022

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Dr. Hunter publishes Supine Elbow Arthroscopy: A decade of results with a vertical humerus and a free forearm October 18, 2022

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Dr. Adams featured in Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation Annual Report October 18, 2022

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FREE Student-Athlete Sports Physicals Scheduled for May 2nd & May 9th April 25, 2022
Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic has been providing free sports physicals for Maury County student-athletes since 1978, and this year they will be held the first two Mondays of May, 2022. This will include all Maury County Public Schools, Zion Christian Academy, Agathos Classical School, and Columbia Academy.
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Please Welcome Dr. Zachary K. Pharr to MTBJ! August 17, 2021
Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic is proud to welcome Dr. Zachary Pharr to the practice.  Dr. Pharr received his degree in Biology from Lipscomb University in 2010, as a part of the university golf team. He received his medical degree from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine in Memphis TN in 2015.
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Fall/Winter 2020 OrthoConnexion is Here! September 21, 2020
The Fall 2020 OrthoConnexion marks a very important milestone in the history of our Clinic – the retirement of our most senior physician, Dr. Doug Wilburn. Read about his accomplishments and tenure here at MTBJ, along with other stories and events that have been top of mind this year.
Fall/Winter 2020 OrthoConnexion

Robotic Surgery Hits Important Milestone July 22, 2020
Maury Regional Medical Center, along with the hip and knee surgeons at Mid-Tennessee Bone & Joint, recently partnered to hit a milestone of 1,000 procedures utilizing the Mako surgical robot.
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vectorstock_472487FREE Student-Athlete Sports Physicals Scheduled for June 30th June 17, 2020
Elementary and middle school student athletes in Maury County are welcome to attend our FREE sports physicals on Tuesday, June 30th.
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Dr. Douglas Wilburn Retires April 30, 2020
After nearly 38 years of continuous orthopedic practice at Mid-Tennessee Bone & Joint, Dr. Doug Wilburn retired from our clinic at the end of April 2020.
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Coronavirus Update March 12, 2020
We would like to share an update on how we are combating a variety of illnesses in the community right now. Click to read more about our plans. Read more…

Christmas door decorating contest 2019 December 9, 2019
If you’ve been in the office lately, you’ve seen the Christmas door decorating contest among our employees! Find out which ones won and if they were your choice! Read more…

harvest_sharelogoMTBJ Donation to Harvest Share November 25, 2019
Just as our business has been blessed, we recognize how important it is to give back and be a blessing to others. This month, we initiated a donation to Harvest Share Food Pantry of Maury County, and our associates rose to the occasion! We collected approximately 3,000 food items! We are so grateful for the work that Harvest Share does in our community, and we are glad to have the opportunity to give back to this organization! Read more…

Fall/Winter 2019 OrthoConnexion is Here! November 11, 2019
This issue looks at hip replacements, specifically the anterior method and how that differs from traditional surgeries. We also discuss surgical weight loss benefits and we feature a few recent patient testimonials.
Fall/Winter 2019 OrthoConnexion

Treating Hands and Wrists July 22, 2019
Our hands are constantly in use from the time we wake up until we go to bed. Pouring coffee, holding a steering wheel, typing, folding clothes, picking up children, and opening doors are just a very small array of tasks hands must accomplish each day. Read more…

Spring/Summer 2019 OrthoConnexion is Here! April 19, 2019
This issue includes articles on our annual student athlete sports physicals, orthopedic conditions of the hands and wrists, and news about platelet rich plasma treatments.
Spring/Summer 2019 OrthoConnexion

Platelet Rich Plasma February 25, 2019
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments have become an emerging trend in healing for a variety of orthopedic ailments. While social media is abuzz with the possibilities, the information being shared does not always line up with the realities of what PRP can do. Read more…

Cheerleading safety article imageCheerleading Safety January 23, 2019
While cheerleading once involved just leading cheers and chants with minimal tumbling and acrobatics, modern cheerleading has greatly evolved. It is much more competitive and involves a highly athletic mix of dance and gymnastic skills, as well as complex stunt and pyramid maneuvers. Read more…

opioid image 1 smallNew Tennessee Opioid Laws January 23, 2019
As of July 1, 2018, new laws went into effect in the state of Tennessee regarding the ways doctors are able to prescribe opioids to their patients. The changes were a direct result of a nationwide increase of deaths tied to opioid use, both prescription and illegal. According to the TN Together legislation, opioid related deaths in the US have quadrupled since 1999, and Tennessee remains in the top 15 of all states in drug overdose deaths. Read more…

Fall OC cover imageFall/Winter 2018 OrthoConnexion is Here! January 18, 2019
This issue tackles the recent change in Tennessee opioid laws and how they will be implemented in our office. We also discuss safety for cheerleaders and our recent community service projects.
Fall/Winter 2018 OrthoConnexion

Christmas treeChristmas Door Decorating Contest 2018! December 7, 2018
Our associates teamed up again this year to decorate doors around our clinic, and as you can tell from the photos below, we have some very creative people! We worked during lunch and after hours to create our masterpieces, and the results were well worth the extra time spent. Our first, second, and third place entries are below along with the rest of the doors. Let us know which one was your favorite! Read more…

harvest_sharelogoMTBJ Donation to Harvest Share November 28, 2018
For the fourth year, the associates at Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint have collected food donations for Harvest Share Food Pantry in Columbia. Find out how much we were able to donate this year! Read more…

MTBJ 020916-007 Elaine_web smallerHappy Retirement, Elaine! November 10, 2018
We are celebrating the recent retirement of our first employee, Elaine Alderson. She contributed so much to our office during the more than four decades she was here, and we wish her all the joy and happiness that a happy retirement can bring! Read more…

Mako system smallerMako Surgical Device Assists Surgeons in Orthopedic Procedures August 1, 2018
Several months ago, Maury Regional Medical Center introduced their new Mako robotic surgical device to assist with a variety of surgical orthopedic procedures. Dr. Scott McCall and Dr. Cason Shirley are utilizing this machine to perform total knee replacements, partial knee replacements, and total hip replacements. Read more…

Stress fractureStress Fractures of the Foot and Ankle July 27, 2018
A new activity or overexertion can trigger a stress fracture. Do you know the symptoms to look for? How can you prevent them from happening? Read more…

MTBJ_Photos-038webMTBJ Offers Expanded Hours for Physical Therapy July 9, 2018
Our physical therapy clinic now offers expanded hours for patients who need to receive treatment outside of the regular 9-5 schedule. Read more…

WC article imageWorkers Compensation – When You’re Injured on the Job May 9, 2018
Workers Compensation: no one wants to experience it, but everyone who works needs access to it. Our associates at Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint recognize the effort that goes into the entire workers comp process and we are devoted to managing the steps from start to finish, making it as stress-free as possible for everyone.
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OC Cover imageSpring/Summer 2018 OrthoConnexion is Here! April 2, 2018
This issue includes information on our Workers Compensation specialists and our relationships with the patients, agents and adjusters, and the employers. We also discuss the new Mako surgical robot and a special community honor for our very own Dr. Jeffrey Adams.
Spring/Summer 2018 OrthoConnexion

adams-fullDr. Jeff and Tina Adams Recognized at Benefit Ball March 15, 2018
MTBJ is proud to announce that the 2018 recipients of the Maury County Benefit Ball’s annual Lucille Queener Courtney award are none other than our own Dr. Jeff and Tina Adams!
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most-common-sports-injuries-1-768x439ACL and Athlete Safety March 9, 2018
In the rise to success, a young athlete’s body is put through a lot. Suffering an injury at the peak of their performance can put a temporary halt to that success and potentially derail future plans, depending on the severity of the injury. One type of injury that has been found to cause more trouble in young female athletes is injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).
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hockey-game-3209935_640A Focus on Sports Medicine March 9, 2018
With the wide variety of sports happening in Middle Tennessee during the year, there are many opportunities for injuries. Our clinic not only specializes in specific parts of the body, but we also have an overall sports medicine specialization.
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Sportsmetrics logoNew Sportsmetrics Class February 2, 2018
It is easy to get caught up in the race to make your child the fastest and strongest in their sport. But it will never happen if they suffer a knee injury. Take charge with Sportsmetrics™ so your number one athlete can get stronger, jump higher, run faster, and stay injury free! Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint Physical Therapy, in conjunction with Game Time Sports and Training, is now the exclusive sponsor and provider for this dynamic Sportsmetrics™ program in Columbia. Read more…

PedCAT standing_resizedMid-Tennessee Bone and Joint Receives PedCAT Accreditation January 15, 2018
This time last year, we announced the addition of a PedCAT machine to assist with CT views of the foot and ankle. Now we’re proud to announce that we have earned accreditation for the unit! Click the link to see what this means for our patients.
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Christmas treeChristmas Door Decorating Contest 2017! December 4, 2017
We added a fun new event to this year’s Christmas celebration – a door decorating contest! Our associates were divided into teams to decorate 19 doors across our office. The first place theme was The Polar Express, complete with lights and sound effects! Click the link to see a picture of the winning entry and the other doors, all of which were very impressive!
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harvest_sharelogoMTBJ Donation to Harvest Share November 21, 2017
Just as our business has been blessed, we recognize how important it is to give back and be a blessing to others. In October, we initiated a donation to Harvest Share Food Pantry of Maury County, and our associates rose to the occasion! We divided the office into six teams and when the drive was over, we had collected approximately 4,700 food items! We are so grateful for the work that Harvest Share does in our community, and we are glad to have the opportunity to give back to this organization!
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OC Cover imageFall/Winter 2017 OrthoConnexion is Here! October 24, 2017
This issue covers our commitment to Sports Medicine and how we treat a variety of those injuries. We also introduce new expanded hours for our Physical Therapy department and how our employees are banding together to help different community organizations.
Fall/Winter 2017 OrthoConnexion

Mako systemMaury Regional offers robotic-arm surgeries for knees, hips October 23, 2017
The latest trend in orthopedic surgeries involves a surgeon-controlled robotic arm which enables accurate alignment and placement of hip and knee implants.
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Maury Regional logoMaury Regional – Top Hospital for Orthopedics September 28, 2017
When you need surgery, you want to choose a hospital and a doctor who are tops in their field. There are many hospitals to choose from in Tennessee, but as it turns out, the best choice is right here in our own back yard.
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feet-2551966_1920Treating Foot and Ankle Pain August 8, 2017
Foot pain – at some point almost all of us will suffer from it in one way or another, and the pain can be debilitating. Dr. Randy Davidson outlines some of the most common causes of foot and ankle pain, and what to expect during treatment and recovery.
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Foot Ankle lead article photo 2A New Trend – Total Ankle Replacement July 27, 2017
When patient Dennis Edwards of Pulaski was faced with severe, unrelenting pain from an old ankle fusion surgery, he knew he would have to try something different. What he discovered was a new surgical trend that has completely changed his quality of life!
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Community Service pictureMTBJ Gives Back to the Community July 7, 2017
Just as we have been blessed with amazing staff, physicians, and patients over the years, we recognize how important it is to give back and be a blessing to others. In the last few months of 2016, our clinic participated in two community service projects to benefit Harvest Share Food Pantry and residents of NHC in Columbia.
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MTBJ O-C Spring 2017 cover_Page_01Spring/Summer 2017 OrthoConnexion is Here! June 2, 2017
This issue features the foot and ankle – how to take care of them, and what problems might arise. Our feet use every one of their 28 bones, 30 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments to move us in all directions, so we better take care of them!
Spring/Summer 2017 OrthoConnexion

vectorstock_472487FREE Student-Athlete Sports Physicals Scheduled for May April 29, 2017
All student athletes in Maury County are welcome to attend our FREE sports physicals on May 1st and May 8th!
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Walking clubMTBJ Physical Therapy Walking Program April 11, 2017
Sign up today to enjoy the great benefits of this walking program, and receive a FREE pedometer to track your steps!
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Cartiva implantNew Implant Giving Hope to Millions with Arthritis March 16, 2017
A first-of-its-kind implant, which acts as a cushion for a joint, is giving hope to millions of Americans who are looking for a permanent solution to arthritis.
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pedCAT standing squareMTBJ Introduces pedCAT Foot and Ankle Imaging January 11, 2017
In an effort to provide the most up to date care options for our patients, we are happy to announce the addition of a pedCAT to assist with foot and ankle imaging. This new machine takes views of the foot and ankle that provide greater examinations for preoperative planning, fracture and dislocation detection, for monitoring arthritis, and early detection of osteomyelitis.
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As you may have heard, Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint will remain an in-network preferred provider for BlueCross BlueShield effective January 1, 2017.
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img_9226-elyse_web-2Get to Know Your Physician – Elyse Adams, PA-C December 28, 2016
Elyse is originally from the Cleveland, Ohio, area. She was recruited by North Carolina State University for her gymnastics ability, and she stayed in state to attend East Carolina University for her Physician Assistant studies. Since moving from Ohio, Elyse said she realized that she loved being in the south and just never left!
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tos-logoTennessee Orthopaedic Society names Dr. Randy Davidson as President December 22, 2016
Dr. Randy Davidson has been elected President of the Tennessee Orthopaedic Society. Dr. Davidson is a long time member of the TOS. “I am honored to be this year’s president of the Tennessee Orthopaedic Society,” said Dr. Davidson. “As president, I will try to connect tos-logoorthopaedic surgeons with the state and national legislatures.”
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running-imageWhy do running injuries happen? (and how to prevent them) December 16, 2016
What is your number one goal as a runner? For most, it’s to run injury free. has put together an informative infographic explaining the best ways to run without injuring yourself. They outline three key things that happens when a runner gets hurt:
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katie-photo-cropGet to Know Your Physician – Katie Harris, PA-C December 14, 2016
Katie Harris, Physician Assistant, graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2006 with a degree in Biology. She continued her education at Trevecca Nazarene University and earned a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies in 2012.
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clemmer-familyGet to Know Your Physician – Caitlin Clemmer, PA-C December 6, 2016
Caitlin Clemmer, Physician Assistant, graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2006 with a degree in Psychology. She continued her education to obtain a Master of Health Sciences in Physician Assistant Studies from South College in 2009.
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Overuse Injuries in High School Sports December 2, 2016
Every year, millions of teenagers participate in high school sports. An injury to a high school athlete can be a significant disappointment for the teen, the family, and the coaches. The pressure to play can lead to decisions that may lead to additional injury with long-term effects. High school sports injuries can cause problems that require surgery as an adult, and may lead to arthritis later in life.
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KTS family photoGet to Know Your Physician – Dr. Kenneth Sykes November 29, 2016
Dr. Kenneth Sykes joined Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint in fall of 2015 to lead our new Interventional Pain Management focus. Dr. Sykes takes an active role in treating patients whose chronic pain cannot be managed through surgery, physical therapy, or traditional medications. He offers advanced treatment options for patients who are living in pain caused by a variety of medical conditions.
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EQ family pictureGet to Know Your Physician – Dr. Erion Qamirani November 21, 2016
Dr. Erion Qamirani – or Dr. Q, as he is casually known to his patients – joined the practice in October 2013. Before landing in Middle Tennessee, he spent time in Texas, Toronto, and California to complete his studies. He received his undergraduate degree from McMurry University in Abilene, TX, and his PhD and MD from Texas A&M.
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You may have received a letter from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee regarding your insurance coverage with Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint.
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wcs-family-photo_cropGet to Know Your Physician – Dr. Cason Shirley November 16, 2016
Dr. Cason Shirley received his undergraduate degree with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from Lipscomb University in Nashville in 2004. He received his Doctorate with Highest Honors from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2008 and completed his orthopedic residency at the Campbell Clinic in Memphis in 2013. Dr. Shirley’s care focuses on joint replacements and sports medicine.
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swm-photo2_cropGet to Know Your Physician – Dr. Scott McCall November 1, 2016
Dr. Scott McCall earned his medical degree from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2001. He joined Mid-Tennessee Bone & Joint in August of 2006 after completing his residency at the Campbell Clinic in Memphis. Dr. McCall chose orthopedics as a career partly due to his interest in sports.
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MTBJ_Photos-061_mediumDr. Freddie Wade to provide free knee seminar with Maury Regional Medical Center October 26, 2016
Dr. Freddie Wade will present a free knee replacement seminar on Thursday, November 10, at the Maury Regional Annex building. This informative seminar will address chronic knee pain, the conditions that lead to total knee replacement and the different types of knee implants available today.
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JRP Family photoGet to Know Your Physician – Dr. Jonathan Pettit October 6, 2016
Dr. Jonathan Pettit is no stranger to the business of Sports Medicine. In fact, that segment of Orthopedics is what takes up most of his time each day here at the Clinic. Dr. Pettit sees athletes of all ages and abilities who have been sidelined by ACL tears, bone fractures, and various overuse injuries. Dr. Pettit received his undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt University, and completed his medical degree at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.
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Cover MTBJ O-C Fall 2016Our Fall 2016 OrthoConnexion is here! October 5, 2016
In this issue we discuss the elbow – it’s a pretty complicated joint. You can also read more about our free sports physicals from the spring and our partnership with Game Time Sports and Training.

MTBJ Fall OrthoConnexion

running-imageWalk Your Way To Fitness! September 23, 2016
With these beautiful temperatures, it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy a walk around the neighborhood! Our friends at the American running-imageAcademy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommend safe tips to get started on a walking regimen.
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alh-family-photoGet to Know Your Physician – Dr. Lee Hunter September 20, 2016
Dr. Lee Hunter received his undergraduate education from Vanderbilt University where he received a B.A. in Anthropology. He attended medical school at the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences in Memphis. Upon graduating medical school, he attended orthopedic surgery residency at the Campbell Clinic, finishing his training in 1997.
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JFW photoGet to Know Your Physician – Dr. Freddie Wade September 13, 2016
Dr. Freddie Wade has practiced at Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint for the last 22 years. He earned his undergraduate degree from Auburn University in 1985, graduating Magna Cum Laude. In 1989, he received his Medical Doctorate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine. Dr. Wade did his internship at the Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina from 1989-1990.
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shutterstock_doctor holding patient handPatient Testimonials September 9, 2016
Our patients have some pretty nice things to say about us. We are proud to serve the people of Middle Tennessee with care, compassion, and excellence!
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JTA family photoGet to Know Your Physician – Dr. Jeff Adams September 7, 2016
Dr. Jeff Adams has been in practice as a board certified orthopedic surgeon for 25 years. He received his undergraduate degree in Microbiology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He graduated from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis in 1986 with high honors, and his internship and residency were completed at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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broken-armCare of Casts and Splints September 1, 2016
Are you the owner of a brand new cast or splint? They can take some getting used to. Read more about how to take care of them!
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RLD family pictureGet to Know Your Physician – Dr. Randy Davidson August 30, 2016
Dr. Randy Davidson graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lipscomb University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, and he earned his medical degree from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, graduating in the top ten of his class. He completed his internship at Methodist Central Hospital in Memphis, and completed his orthopedic residency at the Campbell Clinic in Memphis. Dr. Davidson joined the Mid-Tennessee Bone & Joint Clinic in January of 1991.
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bonesBone Health Basics August 25, 2016
Bones form our body and keep us upright. But they also do a lot more than that! Read more about how bone health is essential to all of us!
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CDW family photoGet to Know Your Physician – Dr. Doug Wilburn August 23, 2016
Dr. Doug Wilburn is the most senior physician on our staff, having spent 33 years at Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint. Upon graduation from residency in 1982, Dr. Wilburn was faced with the question of where to begin his practice. At the time, Dr. Moore and Dr. Daniel had established our Clinic and were looking for another partner. After meeting with them, Dr. Wilburn was convinced Columbia would be a great place to practice and raise a family. Time proved him right, and Dr. Wilburn has never regretted his decision. He feels very fortunate to have been here his entire professional career.
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Aching back imageTreating Your Aching Back August 9, 2016
When it comes to diagnosing back pain, there’s sometimes no easy answer. Some pain is directly caused by a specific injury, some pain is the result of gradual wear and tear over the course of many years, and sometimes you just wake up one morning and realize, “Hey, something hurts.” Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint is proud to have three expert physicians on staff treating a wide variety of issues that can cause back pain – Dr. Doug Wilburn, Dr. Freddie Wade, and Dr. Erion Qamirani. Together, they have over fifty years of experience in spinal surgery and treatments. For any type of back pain that may affect you, we have the doctors to help.
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Backpack safety article imageBackpack Safety August 9, 2016
Heavy backpacks are a concern especially for smaller children and adolescents. Improper use or overloaded back packs can cause neck, back, and shoulder pain. Studies have looked at percentage of body weight that is acceptable to prevent injury and 10-15% seems to be the maximum weight. So if your child weighs 100 pounds, their backpack should only weigh 10-15 pounds.
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mrmc-carechex-medical-excellencePremiere Orthopedic Care in Columbia May 31, 2016
Recently, Maury Regional Medical Center was ranked #1 in the Middle Tennessee market and Top 10% in the nation for Medical Excellence in Joint Replacement in 2016 by®,—a division of Comparion®, a hospital and health rating system.

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mtbj-o-c-spring-cover-2016The Spring 2016 OrthoConnexion is Now Available! May 2, 2016
Click the link below for a full download of the latest issue. In this issue we focused on shoulders – the most common causes of shoulder pain, the best way to rehab your rotator cuff, and discussion of a variety of treatments. We also cover backpack safety when sending the kids off to school.
MTBJ Spring OrthoConnexion

vectorstock_472487FREE Student-Athlete Sports Physicals Scheduled for May April 29, 2016
MTBJ’s annual free student-athlete sports physicals are set for Monday, May 2 (boys) and Monday, May 9 (girls). Athletes need to bring both of the following forms:
MTBJ Preparticipation Form: Completely filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian
TSSAA Preparticipation Form: Student’s name and date of birth filled out at the top
2016 Sports Physicals Schedule
Coaches have copies of the forms and instructions on how to fill them out. For additional copies or any questions, call our office at 931-381-2663.

Shoulder article imageThe Weight on Your Shoulders April 8, 2016
Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a regular Joe, an injury can stop you in your tracks. Some injuries are more pronounced than others, and they heal at different rates. And when a body part that gets a lot of use suffers an injury, you suddenly have to change the way you perform many of your daily tasks.
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Rotator cuff image Rehabbing a Rotator Cuff April 8, 2016
There’s no doubt that the muscles in our bodies are tough. They have to withstand stress and injury and overuse, hopefully not all at the same time, and they must bounce back quickly so we can continue with our activities. But every muscle has its limit, and sometimes that limit is achieved with the onset of intense pain or sudden loss of motion.
Read more…

Fall 15 hip pain article imageCoping With Hip Pain December 21, 2015
When you really think about it, our bodies are one big balancing act. The torso balances on the hips. The hip and upper legs balance on the knees. And all of those body parts balance on the ankles and feet. It’s no wonder we sometimes face so many aches and pains!
Read more…

Fall 15 concussion article imageIs It a Concussion? December 21, 2015
The fall itself didn’t hurt all that much. All you had was a sore knee and a scraped elbow. But your head was another story. The headache you had was unbelievable – after all, your head did hit the ground pretty hard. That went away eventually, but the dizziness and nausea stuck around. Your vision was a bit blurry, too. You didn’t want to worry your coach and teammates so you played on through. But you knew something wasn’t quite right. You just hoped it would work itself out sooner or later.
Read more…

MTBJ_Photos-038web Physical Therapy Department Recognized for Helping Patients Rehab Faster December 21, 2015
If you’ve ever gone through a physical therapy session with any of our therapists, you know they are some of the best. Now, we have the technical measurements to prove it. Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint’s physical therapy department was recognized as having higher functional outcomes than the national average over hundreds of other physical therapy departments across the country.
Read more…

mtbj-information-brochure-cover-2016New Patient Brochure October 30, 2015
MTBJ has developed a New Patient Brochure to provide information regarding our physicians, services, policies, and locations. Whenever you’re in the office, ask one of our associates for a copy of your own!
MTBJ Information Brochure 2016

fall-2015-oc-coverThe Fall 2015 OrthoConnexion is Now Available! October 11, 2015
Click the link below for a full download of the latest issue. In this issue, we focused on hips – what to do about hip pain and different treatments available. We also featured an article on sports concussions and introduced our new physician Dr. Kenneth Sykes.
MTBJ Fall OrthoConnexion

aahks-logo-color-300x80Dr. Cason Shirley admitted to the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons
Recently, Dr. Shirley was recognized as a Candidate Member of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons. The mission of the AAHKS is to advance hip and knee patient care through education and advocacy. The AAHKS is the most important and influential resource for hip and               knee surgeons as it advocates for hip and knee arthroplasty surgeons and their patients in the changing health care environment.               Congratulations, Dr. Shirley!

PrintEmerging Trends in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery October 7, 2015
Dr. Lee Hunter recently did an interview with ORTHOPRENEUR about the the challenges of elbow replacements.
Dr. Hunter talks with ORTHOPRENEUR

Minimally invasive imageMinimally Invasive Spine Surgery June 10, 2015
Neck and low back pain are some of the most common complaints seen by orthopedic doctors. Most adults will experience neck or back discomfort at some point in their life. As our life expectancy has become much longer thanks to advances in modern medicine, this has unfortunately led to an increasing prevalence of degenerative bone and joint conditions such as degenerative disc disease (DDD).
Read more…

cover-imageThe Spring 2015 OrthoConnexion is now available! May 2, 2015
Click the link below for a full download of the latest issue. This issue is all about the back and spine – common ailments, groundbreaking treatments, and information on how to keep your back and spine as healthy as possible.
Spring 2015 OrthoConnexion

rld-facebook-post-1 Dr. Randy Davidson attends National Orthopedic Leader’s Conference in Washington, D.C. April 30, 2015
Dr. Davidson was one of over 400 orthopedic surgeons from around the country who visited with senators and congressmen to discuss legislation important for maintaining patient access to medical care. Dr. Davidson also attended a symposium on future trends in the delivery of medical care and the importance of advocacy for our patients.
Pictures from the event

Lead tennis imageFor the “Love” of the Game March 27, 2015
Every sport offers some level of health benefits, such as cardio and endurance. Thankfully, most sports can also be adapted to fit the athletic ability of the player. From childhood through adulthood and even through the senior years, the game of tennis is one that can be fun and beneficial to all age groups.
Read more…

img_0846 Harvest Share donation March 24, 2015
Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint associates recently collected canned food for Harvest Share Food Pantry here in Columbia. We are so thankful that we can give back‪‬ to the community!
Donation to Harvest Share

nashville-business-jouranl-logoDr. Lee Hunter revolutionizes elbow surgery March 5, 2015
As a surgical resident, part of Dr. Lee Hunter’s duties included helping nurses stabilize patients’ arms for elbow surgeries. That process required multiple people holding the arm in place with the help of some towels to prop it up. “I thought, ‘Surely there’s got to be a better way,'” Hunter said. Turns out, he was the one to create it.
Columbia elbow surgeon wants to make surgery more efficient – Nashville Business Journal

Running injury, knee painExercising With Knee Pain March 2, 2015
It seems contradictory to have a painful, arthritic knee, only to be told by your doctor that exercise will help to strengthen the joint and make it hurt less. “But Doc,” you plead, “How can I exercise my knee when too much movement causes me so much pain?” Starting an exercise plan with a bum knee is the last thing you feel like doing right now. However, there are many ways to exercise the muscles in the knee that will still get the desired result without inflicting unbearable agony.
Read more…

Recovery after knee surgeryTotal Knee Replacement January 14, 2015
For many patients, hearing the words “You need a knee replacement” doesn’t come as a surprise. The patient may have had years of physical therapy, injections, or an arthroscopy to mitigate the pain and hold out on surgery as long as possible.
Read more…

Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint celebrates 40th anniversary! January 2, 2015
In 40 years, we’ve grown from one physician and one employee in one small location, to having ten physicians, four locations, and serving as the largest multi-specialty orthopedic provider in southern Middle Tennessee.
MTBJ Celebrates 40th Anniversary