Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic

Providing specialized orthopedic care in a compassionate manner.

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About MTBJ Clinic

Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic strives to combine state-of-the-art orthopedic service with a family atmosphere.

Whether it’s a sports injury or a sprained ankle, Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint Clinic has the staff, training, and equipment needed to take care of any patient in any circumstance. Our mission: To provide high-quality, specialized orthopedic care in a compassionate manner to the people of Columbia and Middle Tennessee.

To the staff and doctors of MTBJ, patients are not just a number; they are our friends, neighbors, and family.

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Our Bone & Joint Specialities









Meet our Physicians

C. Douglas Wilburn, MD

Spine Surgery & Sports Medicine

Randall L. Davidson, MD

Foot/Ankle Surgery & Sports Medicine

Jeffrey T. Adams, MD

Shoulder Surgery & Sports Medicine

J. Fredrick Wade, MD

Knee/Hip Replacement & Spine Surgery

A. Lee Hunter, Jr., MD

Hand/Elbow Surgery

Scott W. McCall, MD

Sports Medicine & Knee Replacement

Jonathan R. Pettit, MD

Sports Medicine

W. Cason Shirley, MD

Joint Replacement & Sports Medicine

Erion Qamirani, MD

Spine Surgery

Kenneth T. Sykes, MD

Interventional Pain Management

The OrthoConnexion

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Coping With Hip Pain


When you really think about it, our bodies are one big balancing act. The torso balances on the hips. The hip and upper legs balance on the knees. And all of those body parts balance on the ankles and feet. It’s no wonder we sometimes face so many aches and pains! The hips are just […]

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Is It a Concussion?


The fall itself didn’t hurt all that much. All you had was a sore knee and a scraped elbow. But your head was another story. The headache you had was unbelievable – after all, your head did hit the ground pretty hard. That went away eventually, but the dizziness and nausea stuck around. Your vision […]


Physical Therapy Department Recognized for Helping Patients Rehab Faster


If you’ve ever gone through a physical therapy session with any of our therapists, you know they are some of the best. Now, we have the technical measurements to prove it. Mid-Tennessee Bone and Joint’s physical therapy department was recognized as having higher functional outcomes than the national average over hundreds of other physical therapy […]